PCI Express Software for Linux

Dolphin Software Linux Stack

Dolphin eXpressWare Software

eXpressWare for Linux is a complete software suite that includes support for Dolphin's SuperSockets, IPoPCIe, and SISCI API software. This comprehensive application development environment includes advanced features such as reflective memory or multi-cast, peer to peer communication and Dolphin smart I/O technology. For customers seeking a software solution for PCI Express Fabrics, this suite is ideal as it can be licensed for custom designs and supports Dolphin's Express hardware products.

  • SuperSockets - Fast Sockets
  • IPoPCIe - TCP/IP Driver
  • SISCI API - Shared Memory API
  • Reflective Memory
  • Performance Suite
  • Example Code
  • Dolphin Smart I/O software
  • Peer to Peer Transfers
Supports Dolphin PCI Express Hardware

eXpressWare Fabric Software for Linux

eXpressWare for Linux includes three main components; a complete low level API for shared memory applications(SISCI), a robust sockets API (SuperSockets), and a standard TCP/IP driver (IPoPCIe). These three components create a comprehensive develop and deployment environment for applications using a PCIe Network.

PCIe Networks are designed for performance and reliability. eXpressWare software is designed for these networks. It maximizes the low latency and throughput advantages of PCI Express. Enabling customers to build scalable networks with PCIe cabling or backplane applications. The software suite supports a variety of chipsets from major silicon providers such as IDT and PLX/Broadcom. eXpressWare software supports standard form factor boards and switches from Dolphin, but can also be customized to support third party boards and applications.

eXpressWare supports most common Linux distributions and kernels from 2.6, 3.x and 4.x. The Linux version of eXpressWare takes advantage of the advanced features of PCIe such as Peer to Peer communication, reflective memory or multicast capabilities, as well as Dolphin’s Smart I/O technology. eXpressWare customers exploit the full capabilities of PCI Express while implementing standards based software.

More details about the complete eXpressWare software stack for PCIe.

Feature Description
Sockets for Linux SuperSockets Sockets
IPoPCIe Software IPoPCIe software
Linux release support Linux 2.6 - 4.x
Processor support All Intel and AMD x86 and x64 systems
ARM 64 and ARM32